Kyle & Janea Nelson

In February, 2021, Kyle and Janea (Myers) Nelson will be

traveling to Chipata, Zambia for 18-20 months. Kyle will be leading discipleship classes for the men in remote villages while Janea will be working to create elementary school curriculum for a local school as well as leading basic life skills classes for the women of the area. Please join us in prayer for this precious newlywed couple as they respond to the Lord's calling and embark on this journey together to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in Zambia. Learn more about exactly how YOU can help below...

Monetary Support

One-time gifts and monthly support are the best ways to give. Janea currently needs to raise $600 a month to reach her goal so they can fly out Feb. 16th.

To contribute specifically to Janea's ministry work, go to:

To contribute to the couple's monthly living expenses and Kyles ministry work, go to:


When we asked Janea how we could best pray for them as they begin this journey, her response was:

  • Pray that God will go before Kyle and I and prepare the way for us.
  • Pray for Kyle and I to continue to develop a strong marriage (we have been married for 2 months) a marriage rooted in God and his truth.
  • Pray for us to stay confident and positive in God that the attacks of the devil will not discourage us. And as we do get discouraged that we can circle back around to God quickly and humbly.
  • Pray for funding to come through so we can leave on time and that God’s will be done through Kyle and myself.

A Note From Janea

If anyone would like to sign up for our email updates, we send them out monthly if not more often! They can email me at If anyone would like to meet with us to talk more about our mission, we would love to meet with you for dinner or coffee. We are an open book and would love the fellowship!

If you would like to get in touch with Kyle & Janea, please contact the church office and we'll help you get connected.