How to set up the ShelbyNEXT app on a Phone or Tablet

If you are a member of FBC Corinth or our Sunday School:

  1. Be sure your phone's OS is the latest and then go to your app store.  Search for ShelbyNEXT.
  2. Select and download the free app "ShelbyNEXT/Membership" by Shelby Systems.
  3. Once it downloads, locate the app and open it.
  4. You will see this line:  Tap "domain" and type "fbccorinth" so that you end up with
  5. Sign in as Username = First.Last and select "Forgot Password" and enter your email address in the pop-up window.  A link will be sent to your email address.  This means that if my name is Bob White then my default login user name assigned by the system would be Bob.White.  If this doesn't work, try your email address we have in ShelbyNEXT.
  6. Follow the link to log in.  Once you are in the app you can update your password (highly recommend).  User names are NOT case sensitive, but passwords ARE.  If you have issues with the log in, call or text Bill at (940) 391-3781, and he will double check the user name the system automatically assigned to you.
  7. CONGRATULATIONS!  You are now in the program!

Now that you're in ShelbyNEXT, what can you do with it?

  • At the opening screen, press your name at the bottom.  If you have any changes to your information, press "Edit" at the bottom left, make the changes, and press "Save".  (You must be the primary family member to do this.)  Someone in the office will approve your changes in the system. If you don't mind your picture being online, pull up your information, press the head at the top, smill and take a head shot selfie.
  • You can check on your recent giving to the church by pressing the Give button.  And you can give your tithes and offerings online by pressing "Give".
  • You can pull up a directory of members (church and Sunday School).  This replaces the old printed directory.  Press "Individuals" and select "Directory" and look up the person you want.  Please do not use our directory for business or political purposes
  • You can find information about groups you are in, such as a Sunday School class or ministry team.
  • You can contact members of your group by pressing "Contact".
  • Calendar is just the basice times for regular programs. 
  • Attendance is available for teachers, leaders and designated "record keepers". Press "Attendance" and scroll if necessary to find your group.  (a) Change the date to the date of the meeting; (b) Press the names of those present; (c) Press "SAVE" at the top right.